Ant 'xdb:extract' 'type' attribute?

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Ant 'xdb:extract' 'type' attribute?

Tony Graham
The 'xdb:extract' Ant task [2] is documented as having a 'type' attribute:

    Type of the resource to extract. Only "xml" is supported currently.

However, the attribute is deprecated [1] and doesn't do anything.

While I half-want the attribute to be useful -- since I have a lot of
PDF files that I regret having to put in the database and don't need to
extract again -- should its documentation be removed or modified if the
attribute is never going to do anything useful?


Tony Graham.
Senior Architect
XML Division
Antenna House, Inc.
Skerries, Ireland
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[2] http://localhost:8080/exist/apps/doc/ant-tasks.xml#D2.4.24

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