BEGINNER! simple1.xsp, simple2.xml not running

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BEGINNER! simple1.xsp, simple2.xml not running

Ralph Haglund

I recently started with eXist, and suddenly got a one year old file from the mother company to “try to understand and improve”.


When I copied it to my system I got incomprehensible Java errors. I get similar errors trying to run simple1.xsp and simple2.xml and all three have with xmldb to do.


How can I get simple1 and simple2 running to have something to start with??? A number of the other examples run.


Searching for it on Cocoon it is written, very encouragingly:



The XML:DB generators are currently unmaintained and going to be deprecated soon. Please use the XML:DB pseudo-protocol instead.





If someone started to write on those tutorials, many many work hours would be saved.


At least there could be ONE example of what most people want: enter a word to search for on a web page, and get the result on the next. Minimalist example with not one single unnecessary line!




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