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Joe Wicentowski
TEI Publisher
by magdalena at 2017/02/21 at 10:03:29 CET

"It is our great pleasure to announce the official release of the TEI Publisher, an open source app for eXist-db offering single-source publishing without writing any code. Currently TEI Publisher works out of the box with TEI documents (hence its name) but it can be customized to accommodate any XML schema."

eXist Package for the Atom Editor
by wolf at 2017/02/20 at 10:59:48 CET

"This has been around for a while, but it was recently brought to my attention that many users don't know it exists: the eXistdb package for the Atom editor was just released in version 0.4.1. Atom is a highly configurable, cross-platform text editor, which can be extended with thousands of user contributed packages."

eXist-db v3.0 available
by ljo at 2017/02/09 at 17:25:30 CET

"It is our great pleasure to announce the public stable release of eXist-db v3.0. We encourage everyone to upgrade to this new stable release. eXist-db v3.0 is the culmination of almost 1,500 changes made in the last two years bringing numerous new features and improvements. During this time eXist-db went through extensive stress testing demonstrating substantial performance gains confirmed in production settings."

eXistdb Meetup in Vienna
by wolf at 2016/09/21 at 12:26:08 CEST

"During this year's TEI conference in Vienna we're organising an informal meetup. Take the opportunity to meet a few of the eXistdb developers on Tuesday, Sep 27th, 7pm at WerkzeugH, Schönbrunnerstr. 61, Wien 5."

Running eXistDB on a Continuous Integration Platform
by Juri Leino at 2016/03/24 at 19:23:39 CET

"While this setup is specifically for Travis-CI you will possibly find useful information to integrate existDB in other CI platforms as well. It is language independent but was tested only with Java and nodeJS. Both setups are provided. You can test applications, that are served from the db or consume one of its APIs."

XQuery 3.1 Arrays and JSON Support
by wolf at 2015/02/23 at 19:02:52 CET

"The current development version of eXistdb includes full support for the array data type and related features from the XQuery 3.1 Candidate Recommendation. In combination with maps, arrays allow for a more "natural" representation of JSON in XQuery. Processing JSON or interfacing with external services returning JSON has become a lot more straightforward."

Automatic form validation in eXistdb
by Joern at 2015/01/06 at 15:50:48 CET

"Whenever you need forms in your applications you face the problem of validation. Of course there are a lot of JavaScript solutions out there but that still leaves you with the question how to quickly revalidate the data on the server. As a first step of our redesign of betterFORM we've developed a facility called 'ModelValidator' that does exactly that but without the need to learn XForms first."

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