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New problem dashboard 3.0/3.1

Espen S. Ore-3

This morning I realized there was a problem with opening up the dashboard in 3.0. I then installed the 3.1 release and was in contact with the dashboard for a while, but now I get the same error in 3.1 as I used to get earlier today in 3.0. I have tried in Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 16.10.

I get the HTTP error 500 with the following information (exactly the same message for 3.0 and 3.1):

javax.servlet.ServletException: An error occurred while processing request to /exist/apps/dashboard/: exerr:ERROR org.exist.xquery.XPathException: err:XPST0003 expecting =, found 'path' [at line 12, column 29]
May this be caused vu the java setup on the host, or does anyone have any suggestions for what may be the reason for this problem?

Espen Ore
University of Oslo, Norway
Espen S. Ore
Phone Norway: +47 913 907 48
Phone Greece: +30 695 555 0615 

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