Non-caching xquery from Cocoon?

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Non-caching xquery from Cocoon?

Jonas Lundberg
I need a non-caching xquery in Cocoon. After executing an xupdate:append,
a) the xquery retrieves the old data set
b) the cocoon pipeline serves cached data
In any case, the change is not immediately visible. If I wait for a
minute, or so, the change is then visible.

I am not sure how I can test which of these things happen. I do know
that the data is actually updated, since I can see it from web dav or
the admin client.

Setting the cocoon pipeline to "noncaching" does not seem to work either.
If I change the contents of a text node, that change is immediately
visible. (This makes me think that the problem is eXist caching the
old data)
If I edit and save the xqurey file that retreives the data, then the
change is also immediately visible. (this makes me think that the
problem is instead Cocoon caching the old data)

Does anyone recognize this problem?


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