Odd collection issue after Linux install

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Odd collection issue after Linux install

We've been running eXist 1.4.3 on a Windows box for a few years now and are now looking at switching to Linux. For the time being we want to do some performance comparisons so I have installed the same version of eXist (1.4.3) on a Linux box. I can get to the admin page and the normal stuff but where I run into a problem is in the following.

When I take one of my reports from our Windows box and put it on the Linux I receive the following error. It's a simple collection call that reads "collection('/db')". For some reason the 'embedded-eXist-server' code is coming into place and I'm not sure why. Error is below.

"Unable to authenticate user: target collection xmldb:exist://embedded-eXist-server/db does not exist"

Any ideas?

Trevor Hendricks
Project Analyst -- Publication Systems
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