REST POST and Pakage Removal

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REST POST and Pakage Removal

Jonathan Rowell


using process hacker it seems that one file is getting opened and not closed. It seems to be an XQuery file and every time I run the checker the file gets opened again.

I only have at the moment one XQuery in the test suite - one of each in fact -but I'll create a better test later. But the file undergoes the following :-

switch (local:getExtension($doc))
   case "xqm" case "xm"
         if (util:binary-doc-available($doc)) then
            let $modData := inspect:inspect-module(xs:anyURI(concat("xmldb:exist://",$doc)))
     return <info result="pass"/>
   case "xql" case "xq"
         if (util:binary-doc-available($doc)) then
let $script := util:binary-to-string(util:binary-doc($doc))
let $comp := util:compile-query($script,"xmldb:exist:")
return $comp

Since the xqm file (a module) does not remain opened, it is hardly likely to be util:binary-doc-available(). It seems more likely to be util:compile-query. The query is incidentally perfectly OK.

Hope that helps a bit



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