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John Preimonas-2
Hello all,
I have found a solution to getting remote access to my eXist app. It turns out to be the new modem supplied by the telephone company being the culprit.
+————-+         +———————+         +————+                                                               +—————+
| Internet    |——- | |——>| Modem   | <— ——- —-> | PC / eXist |
+————-+         +———————+         +————+                                                               +—————+
So I had to set up a Port Forwarding in the Modem of 8080 in and 8080 out (e.g. HTTP to ’tunnel’ though the modem and gain access to the PC and my app.
I have made a number of http calls to the app from various devices (iPhones, laptops, etc), all with success.
Hope this helps.

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From: John Preimonas <[hidden email]>
Date: 4 November 2015 at 8:29:36 PM AEST
To: exist-open <[hidden email]>
Subject: Cannot remote in to eXist-db

Hi eXist-folk,
Recently, I updated my Mac’s OS to OS-X El Capitan version 10.11.1, and I now cannot remote in to my database. My first discovery, was that the update changed my IP address. I reset my Wi-Fi access to the new IP address and all works on iPhone and iPad.
However, once out of Wi-Fi range and using the phone, I get nothing - only internet timeouts. I use (for example)
So, my question is, what settings do I need to set to gain access to my eXist database? Is it something in eXist, or do I need to set something in System Preferences on the iMac?

Looking forward to your helpful advice.

John Preimonas

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