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Really strange error

Jonathan Rowell


I have a strange error in eXist :

#eXist build info

(not yet switched to new release) 
with the following function in a module :-

declare function sipp:LegalDate($name,$datebit as xs:string) as xs:boolean {
if(string-length($datebit) ne 8) then
error(xs:QName('sipp:LegalDate'),concat('Field "',$name,'" not 8 characters, value is "',$value,'"'))
if(sipp:MustBeNumeric($name,$value,8)) then
true() (: for the moment :)

$value is not declared, neither locally nor globally and definitely not in any module (name is far too short!). eXide doesn't complain and neither does inspect:inspect-module, but when I test it via a test module :-

%test:args("overdue-date","20170224") %test:assertTrue
%test:args("overdue-date","2017Jan24") %test:assertError('Illegal date format')
function sipp-test:LegalDate($name as xs:string, $datebit as xs:string) as xs:boolean {

I get the following error :-

Running "exist_tester:files" (exist_tester) task
>> For sipp-test:CheckDateTime in err:XPDY0002 It is a dynamic error if evaluation of an expression relies on
some part of the dynamic context that has not been assigned a value. variable '$value' is not set.

William Candillon's xqLint does detect the error (^ [XPST0008] "value": undeclared variable) but not in the module since it is XQuery version 3.1 and uses map constructs.
Only in a test module.

BTW I must praise the test suite system - it does find errors very nicely.



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