Relative path problem in XProc Calabash Module

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Relative path problem in XProc Calabash Module

Lin Ni
Hello everyone,

I am running eXist-db 3.2.0 on Windows 10 with Java 1.8.0_131.

Some xquery codes in my application use a library xproc in the
filesystem.  And this xproc contains some relative paths pointing to
xlst files in the filesystem, which are used for transformation.

For example:

> let $path := "C:/PathToXProc/library.xpl"
> let $input := "/db/PathToSource/source.xml"
> let $xproc :=
>     <p:pipeline version="1.0">
>       <p:import href="{$path}" />
>       <test:blabla/>
>     </p:pipeline>
> return
>     xproc:process($xproc,<p:input type="xml" port="source"
> url="{$input}"/>)

It was running on eXist-db 2.2 without problem with xproc 0.1.6 module.

> import module namespace xproc="";

Now I want to migrate it to eXist-db 3.2.0. Because xproc 0.1.6
extension module is deprecated. I have to use  xproc calabash module.

> import module namespace
> xproc="";

The relative path works not as expected. It will be resolved as a path
in eXist-db like /db/apps/MyApp/modules//TheRelavtivePath.

So eXist-db cannot find the xslt file. Then it throws an XProc error XD0011.

I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to solve the problem.

Best regards,


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