Release of eXide 2.4.0

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Release of eXide 2.4.0

Joe Wicentowski
Hi all,

eXide version 2.4.0 adds support for a new feature added in eXist-db 3.3.0: native support for the Adaptive serialization method from XQuery 3.1. Also new is an “Indent” checkbox that lets you toggle whether query results are indented or not. 

In adopting native Adaptive serialization, eXide overhauled the way it returns query results. We jettisoned eXide's longstanding "pretty-printing" library, and now instead use native serialization for all query results. This change means much snappier display of query results, as well as improvements in accuracy in the rendering of whitespace, boundary space, and namespaces in query results. 

These changes turns eXide into a powerful XQuery serialization sandbox. By toggling the output methods via the “Output” dropdown menu, you can serialize query results not just as Adaptive, JSON, XML, or the old “direct” (rendered) method, but also as Text, HTML5, XHTML, XHTML5, and MicroXML. 

These changes to the display of query results were motivated by eXist 3.3.0's addition of native support for the Adaptive serialization method. Adaptive is unique in being able to render all XDM data types: not just XML elements, but also free-standing attribute nodes, maps, arrays, and functions. (Read more about Adaptive Output at The new adaptive serialization method overcomes numerous limitations in the old pretty-printing library's support for adaptive serialization.

(The old pretty-printing library provided syntax highlighting, but at the cost of speed and accuracy in these areas. We hope to restore syntax highlighting by applying the xqlint library to query results; it is already responsible for highlighting the contents of the editor tabs. In the meantime, query results have no syntax highlighting.)

Because of eXide's use of new features in the version of eXist released yesterday, this version requires eXist 3.3.0 (or a snapshot build of eXist's develop branch from June 10, 2017 or later). It is also is included with the eXist installer, and is available for installation via the Dashboard > Package Manager or for download via the Public Repository ( and eXide's GitHub repository ( Older versions of eXist 3.x (specifically, 3.0.2 through 3.2.0) will continue to work with the previous version of eXide, 2.3.4. 

We hope you find these changes useful!  


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