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Testing XQuery

Jonathan Rowell


I have just dones some testing of modules - all quite easy as Joe has already shown the way (http://exist.2174344.n4.nabble.com/Fwd-Toward-automated-unit-tests-for-xar-apps-and-libraries-td4666485.html)

One setups up a module which calls the functions in another module and invokes the test with test:suite(inspect:module-functions(xs:anyURI($mod-name)))

Now I was wondering what might be the best way to test XQueries or even the deliverance of data via the REST interface? This would be particularly useful in developing Angular Apps, one mocks the REST in Angular which one has tested against eXist sine the XQuery/REST interface represents a "contract" between the "partners" database and application.

I have thought that one would write a test suite module which invokes via HTTP. But I would be very interested in the thoughts and/or experiences of the community.

regards and, since it is Carnival in Germany, helau und alaaf!


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