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XPath 3.0 for XSLT

Immanuel Normann

I want to use XPath 3.0 feature inside XSLT (e.g. "||" for string concatenation), but exist doesn't seem to support it - at least not by default. This is the error message:

exerr:ERROR XSL transform reported error: Concatenation operator ('||') requires XPath 3.0 to be enabled [source: String]

Am I right that saxxon is used inside exist for xsl transformation?

At saxon's mailinglist I found this hint:

Currently XPath 3.0 is not enabled by default. We thought it prudent that people who are prepared to take the risk of using a spec while it's still subject to change should have to say so explicitly. 
The JAXP XPath interface allows you to set boolean configuration properties but unfortunately this one is a string property, so you have to drop into Saxon interfaces to set it: 

However, this is from 2013.

Similar I found on the exist mailing list:

Keep in mind that support for XPath, XQuery and XSLT 3.0 has to be explicitly turned on in Saxon, and as far as I know, this is only available in PE and EE (not in HE, the home edition, the free one).
How do turn on that XPath 3.0 support?


P.S.: my eXst build info

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