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XQuery with indexes performances

Cédric Meier
Hi all,

With the help of all your answers about my XQuery performances problems I started to search a way to accelerate my queries.

Trying eXist's indexes that specifiy types of elements (xs:string, xs:integer, etc.) (http://exist.sourceforge.net/indexing.html) I found something strange:

With the actual CVS version of eXist (last checkout: 2005-09-28) I've got worst results using indexes than without indexes. I know that my XQuery is not generic or typical but it's really strange that it's slower with indexes than without. So I ask you if you think there is not a small problem using such indexes...

I attached a PDF with my results and the test's descriptions.
In addition you can find a backup of my db here: http://www.ced-web.ch/db-xquery-indexes.zip
and I attached the XQuery and the xconf in this mail if someone is interested in testing too.

I can do further tests if you need more informations or more results.

Thanks for your help or comments!
Cédric Meier

tests_xquery_indexes.pdf (58K) Download Attachment