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eXist database developer opportunity in Brussels

Stéphane Sire
Dear All,

Here is a job announcement which is an opportunity to work with eXist-DB on an exciting new IT platform. The platform has been in production since 2 years and is continuously evolving as new services and modules addressing new categories of users are added. The developer will be a driving for to improve and grow the platform. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details if interested.

Profile: Database developer (DBD) with eXist-DB experience or similar

Location: EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), Brussels

Work environment and scope:

- Join a team of developers within the EASME premises in Brussels;
- Enhance and grow a new IT platform based on XML technologies (XQuery/XSLT)
- Develop and interconnect new modules to provide services to multiple actors involved in the SME innovation ecosystem
- Be a driving force behind the selection of technical solutions


- Design, implementation and maintenance of database layer of a platform application;
- Data analysis, data modeling;
- Enhancement of current architecture;
- Definition and integration of database components;
- Integration with other systems used by an SME programme;
- Design monitoring and test protocols on the whole platform
- Design, implement and apply packaging and deployment routines
- Writing of technical documentation;
- Participation in meetings with the project teams;
- Preparation of the technical specifications of the various reports;
- Coach the responsible colleagues for reporting within the EASME;
- Maintain awareness on the eXist-DB open source database community


- Minimum 6 years of IT professional experience;
- Minimum 6 years of cumulated experience with Relational Database Management Systems, SQL, XML and Javascript;
- Experience with eXist-DB, XQuery, XSLT;
- In depth knowledge of the design and development of web and multi-tier web applications;
- Front-end development technologies (AJAX, JQUERY, CSS, Bootstrap);
- Experience with Linux and shell scripting are a plus;
- Good knowledge of relational database systems, SQL and PL/SQL are a plus;

Contract: full-time (220 days a year), can start at 12 months, salary subject to agreement between parties

- Stéphane Sire ([hidden email]) for information about the technical environment and the platform
- Nuran Saygili ([hidden email]) for application

Kind regards,

Stéphane Sire

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