eXist indexer for Algolia cloud services released

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eXist indexer for Algolia cloud services released

Toma Tasovac-2
I'm thrilled to announce our own release of the eXist Indexer for Algolia (https://github.com/BCDH/exist-algolia-index) — a plugin which uses eXist's internal mechanisms to configure, create, upload and incrementally sync local indexes with Algolia's cloud services.

Algolia (https://www.algolia.com) provides an infrastructure for hosting your indexes remotely along with a Search API that makes it easy to query the indexes, and give your users snappy autocomplete and/or faceting functionalities.  

Our eXist plugin uses Algolia's APIs to seamlessly integrate local indexes into Algolia's distributed network.

And it's fun.  

A million thanks to Adam Retter for his superb work on this. It was tricky and non-straightforward to pull this through, but he did it. He even broke his leg while doing it, but the Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities, for legal and other reasons, can't take the credit for that... :) 

All best,

Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities

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