problems with port settings when running

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problems with port settings when running

Hi, I need to run two versions of exist in my ubuntu server at the same time because I need the old exist version 3.0.RC1 going while importing the backup into the new version 3.2.0.

I've changed the port settings for the new exist installation to new, unused port numbers  in the following files:
    jetty.xml -> name="" default="8448"
    jetty-http.xml -> name="jetty.port" default="8008"
{exist-home}/ -> uri=xmldb:exist://localhost:8008/exist/xmlrpc
                           -> alternate_uri_0=xmldb:exist://localhost:8008/exist/xmlrpc

I've checked using 'sudo netstat -peanut' on the command line to make sure those ports are not used.

Yet when I run the 'bin/' script I get the following error:
    ERROR: Could not bind to port because Address already in use

Thanks for any help!

Best regards