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teiPublisher: merging of supplied or unclear tags

Emmanuelle Morlock-2

Hi all

I’m using teiPublisher and my question concerns a use case for which the TEI xml code.
How to deal with adjacent <supplied> tags or <unclear> so that the before and after typographic convention is merge ?

for example, if <supplied> is defined in a <model> to be surrounded by ‘{‘ and ‘}’, two adjacent supplied:

<supplied reason="lost">suppliedText1</supplied><supplied reason="lost">suppliedText2</supplied>
would produce:
what to do to have them merge:
{suppliedText1suppliedText2} or {suppliedText1 suppliedText2}

testing for a preceding and/or following supplied seems cumbersome and sometimes there would be <lb/> or other milestones element that shouldn’t stop the merge…

Is it then possible to pass a transformation in a second step, once all the tags have been transformed ?

thanks for your advice


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