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Adam Retter-7
If you look at the following query it all executes as expected -

declare variable $strings { "string1","string2","string3"};

for $str at $i in $strings return
        if(exists($strings[$i + 1 cast as xs:integer]))then
                concat($str, ",")

However if I remove the "cast as xs:integer" from withing the [] then $i
+ 1 does not evaluate correctly inside [].

I am wandering if this is by design or if it is a bug (I suspect so)
that is to say that in the above case using either -

1) [$i + 1]
2) [$i + 1 cast as xs:integer]

should give the same results???

Presumably in the for loop $i would be of type xs:integer and 1 is an
integer so im not sure where the bug lies?!?


Adam Retter

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