wrong backup/restore command can change user password

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wrong backup/restore command can change user password

Alfredo Cosco

Hi all,
I'm using exist-db 2.2 stable.

Today I corrupted my DB, so I lauched a restore by command line.

Important: I didn't set up a password for the backup when i made it.

But I launched a wrong restore command:
bin/backup.sh -u admin -p mypassword -P anotherpassword -r /mybackuppath/db/myapp/data/__contents__.xml

As you can see I added a the option for backup password, on a backup that wasn't set with it.

Then, when I come back on the Exist Web Interface: I couldn't log-in

So I tried to log-in with the backup password (wrongly wrote when I launched the restore) and I was able to log-in.

At the end, seems not normal that the backup.sh script can change the user password, or not?



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