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xmldb:remove() useage?

Adam Retter-7
Hi Guys,

I have the document "doc1.xml" in a collection called "collection1.xml".

The collection and document are owned by admin:communitydirectory.

Now I have a user called "adam" who is in the "communitydirectory"
group. What I am wandering is what permissions should be applied on the
collection and the document to enable deletion of it by "adam".

I am calling -

let $null := xmldb:login("xmldb:exist:///db/collection1", "adam",
$null := xmldb:remove("xmldb:exist:///db/collection1", "doc1.xml")
return <b>Document may or may not have been deleted?!?</b>

The reason I think its the permissions is that the above does nothing!
My current permissions on "collection1" are rwurwur--.
My current permissions on "doc1.xml" are rwur-ur-u

Thanks Adam.

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